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How will I be able to watch the bought movie?

We do not record films on to disks. All products sold on this shop are electronic, therefore after having payed your order, you will receive an email with a link to watch the movie online.

Can I have a refund?

Because all of the products sold here are electronic, we do not provide a refund.

I want to screen the movie in a school, in a local club, etc., can I do it?

Films sold on this store are for your personal use only. To screen them publicly, you need to obtain a seperate permission, which you can do by contacting us. Does that sound scary?.. Don't worry! We are firstly adventurers, who want to share our adventures with others. If you have ideas where to screen it, talk to us and we will definitely find a way to do so!

Why should I buy your movie, when I can ask a friend to upload it or find it on a torrent site?

Well, that depends on your philosophy... To put it simply - all of our movies have a soundtrack, that we bought, all of additional matterial that we have used, was payed for. We are also striving to make these movies as professional looking as possible, by heavily investing in our filming equipment. All of that costs a lot of money. We don't have a backing of some major film studio, which could help us. That's why, by buying our products you are in a way helping us make more of them.